A networked printer can be stored away from all the busy workstations where everyone can use the printer. Our design team would give you an easy solution for all your needs.


Ample work space. No partitioning involved in this space, plus the filing cupboard adds more surface area to the workstation. This workstation comes with table top wire caps and a cabin solution can be noted under the table. To reduce the foot print of monitor you could get a flat panel monitor or we could mount your monitor to the workstation, in which case your monitor would have a zero foot print.
A fabric partition has been used in this workstation allowing staff to pin up any paper work that needs attention.
CPU units have been tucked away in this workstation resulting in less cable clutter.
This office workstation is designed with style to make working a pleasant experience. The mobile drawer unit is added for storage of important documents. Multiple mobile drawer units can be added on to any workstation. When designing a workstation please specify what items you intend having on the table (phones, faxes) in order for our team to come up with a cabling solution.
A large office workstation, clearly demarcating the work area and spacious walk ways around.
This ergonomic workstation ensures everybody has equal amount of space to work. Its all in the angles. Ideal for small office spaces.
With the increase of time consuming tasks piling up, most of clients opt for multi-monitor computing. While doing important work on one monitor you can always keep eye on other important tasks occurring on the other monitor. You can customise your workstation to work for you.Note the cable free work environment.
Music IT Workstation
A high capacity workstation.
A multi-monitor workstation. This can easily be set up. All you have to do is set up another monitor to your existing desktop monitor.